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Angel's Journal
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Saturday, June 16th, 2012
12:50 pm
There was a stray in our neighborhood i decided to bring in and foster. Poor thing was starving, uncollared, left in the cold, and come to find out pregnant.
Second time this has happened to me.

I'm becoming an expert at helping with cat births and raising kittens. I call the stray mimi-chan. She had 6 kittens but the last one was stillborn. Poor thing it was so hard to handle that. The others had pretty rough births. It was a good thing i was there. I had to help break the sacks for three of them and cut the umbilical cord and clean all of them. She is just so young i dont think she knew what to do. In spite of that she didn't cry the entire birth. She just sat their purring as loud as possible. Even now anytime she's with the kittens or nursing the kittens she purrs loudly. It's so sweet.
*The first one was all black except for white underbelly and a tiny star of white on its forhead like a unicorn mark, I call him baby boy. He is adventurous and first one to crawl out of the den even before his eyes opened. Now that they are he's always exploring.
*The second one born was also mostly black but had some white on its snout, and a thin white line going by its inner eye and across his nose. It looks like a scar. He also has little white booties and underbelly. I call him scar face.
*The third one was half black and half white. She has the markings on her face just like a panda bear, and big expressive eyes. I call her pandi the panda. She was the first one to have both her ears unfurl and her eyes open. She's very pudgy and fluffy.
*The fourth one was the smallest and definitely the runt. She is mostly white with just little spots of black on her bum and a few on her face. My sister commented that it made her look marked like a cow. So we call her moo-moo. She's tiny but very feisty and is the first one to try trotting as well as chewing on the others ears and playing with them. She's very lovey and never whines much in spite of being the underdog.
*last but not least was another half black and half white one. It had a pointy face and is always whining and trying to steal the other kittens nipples even after having his own. We call him ferret face cause of his pointy nose. He's always trying to be near his momma but loves scritchins from people too.

Now the babies are at three weeks old. They now toddle around. Its very awkward and cute. Baby boy, moo and pandi will all purr now when nursing or when people pet them. Scar face loves to climb onto peoples feet and sit there. All of them are getting to more exploring although still having a hard time moving anywhere quickly. they do play with each other but dont have the coordination to pounce each other yet or chase. Their momma is still super purry with them but spends a lot of time upstairs too. Soon they should start eating a little solid food too.
All of them are fluffy like their momma now. Ferret is probably the least fluffy and he still has quite a bit of poof.

more to come...

Current Mood: happy
Monday, November 14th, 2011
9:53 pm
learning to knit
So recently my mother in law taught me some basic knitting. Which i immediately gobbled up because ever since i first saw Beckett write about making socks for her husband i had the strong desire to make socks for me and mine. So here i was with some cute washrags thinking man these are cool but they aren't socks.
So i went to youtube and taught myself how to knit in a round. Following this video tutorial and its great I've got a cuff to a sock but now I'm at the part to do the heel. And uh i might have overlooked teaching myself to purl. So now I'm terrified by this little flap of fabric (the heel) I'm supposed to create and somehow make work with triangley thing (gusset)on the side and morphs into a toe.

Moral to the story. Socks are hard.

Current Mood: optimistic
Sunday, July 20th, 2008
11:09 am
Wedding & Honeymoon
Well it is official I was married July 12th to a very fantastic man! The wedding was a medieval themed one and my family all came over from California! My father was there to give me away which meant a lot to me, and he even gave David one of his medieval swords for the ceremony. My sister Jenny made our cake and it was both absolutely gorgeous as well as the tastiest cake i've ever had in my entire life. I think I need the recipe. We had renaissance musicians who played both for the ceremony and the reception. It really helped the feel, and the site was a beautiful out doors one with a stone castle amphitheater. The caterors were phenomenal serving huge turkey legs (made me think of conan the barbarian) with potatos and string beans, and there own home made pirates brew.
It was definitely my dream wedding, and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time. My pseudo sister in law caught the bouquet, Woot, and we hope she finds someone who will treat her like a princess.

Then we spent our wedding night at the fabulous anniversary inn in there presidential sweet. It was the most comfortable and amazing room I had ever been in. It had a huge four poster bed with an intelli-gel mattress, and tons of squishy pillows, a big jacuzzi tub with a rain shower coming from the ceiling. There was surround sound for the t.v. and dvd player so we could watch anime while soaking in the jacuzzi (lol that has to be near the heighth of true geekdom) There was sparkling cider in a bucket of ice with champagne glasses, chocolates, candles, robes, and bath fizzies. Definitely felt like royalty. They also had cheesecake which made David super happy since that is his favorite dessert.
Then we had our honeymoon at Disney land in Southern California. It was super fun, and we got to explore both parks. This last week has definitely been a dream come true.

Now we are back home and back to life. Thank you to everyone who helped us out, supported us, and sent us good wishes and gifts.

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, May 15th, 2008
10:44 am
Mothers day and stuff
So I haven't written in forever. Tons has been happening and its been exciting stressful tiring and nauseous.

First of all mothers day was really wonderful. I got my mom a super cute pink microwave to match her pink kitchen collection. (yes jcpenneys has pink microwaves)
Got David's mom her favorite dark chocolate mint truffles with the dvd of enchanted and a card, all in a cute little bag. Got his grandmother some mixed chocolates and a card.
I felt particularly proud of myself for remembering his grandmother.
We went over to his grandmothers house and visited his family there. They all love golf and were watching it. It seemed so weird to me. I've never seen a family so into golf before. Seems to me if the athletes are big enough to wear a bra they can't really be considered an athlete.
Afterwords we went over to his brother and sister in laws house for dinner. Karen (the sister in law) made home made pizza's for us, and we brought some pie and drinks. They have a little son who is absolutely adorable. He was flirting with me the whole night running around the room and spinning and then climbing onto my lap. Showed me his toys, and his nifty new tent.
This kid could pose for cherub paintings he's so cute.

Other stuff going on. I'm planning the wedding but have been really stressed about it.
We did get the invitations in and they are beautiful, but need to get addresses photo's printed before we can send them out.
I've also been sick. This last month a horrible rash of dark bruises started spreading across my body all over. I went into the instacare and they couldn't figure out what it was. They called in another doctor and she said its hypersensitive vasculitus. They put me on medication but it was making me really ill. Now they've referred me out to a specialist and he is trying a different dosage of the medication. Pray for me that it works and that he is correct. I really want this gone before the wedding. Today Shae is coming over to take the engagement pictures. I'm really excited to get that out of the way.

In other news we did get to see Iron Man. I thought it was super awesome. If you go to see it remember to stay and watch after the credits. There is another scene at the end after the credits that you won't want to miss.

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
11:14 am
Valentines, Moving, D&D and more
Ok so Hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day. Mine was absolutely fantastic and amazing.
First of all David and I chose to stay in that night and spend time together. I made my stuffed squash recipe that he adores, with steamed vegi's and garlic toast. All topped off with wine goblets of strawberry sparkling cider. We snuggled on the couch and watched anime. It was so wonderful!! I'm glad we did too, because half the people from my work that tried to go out ended up at all the good restaurants having a 2 hour wait or longer. UGH.
Also I was very surprised. I went into the kitchen to start cooking and there on the table was my dream crockpot filled with chocolates. Wooot!! That on its own is soo amazing and wonderful, but my friends there is even more.
When I went upstairs sitting on my computer chair was a love note and a brand new digital 12.1 megapixel camera and matching photo printer/scanner/copier. HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN.
I'm feeling very spoiled at the moment, and can't even believe it.

As for the weekend Saturday I went and had lunch with David, since he has to work Saturdays (poor guy), and spent most of the day playing wow. In the evening we had our D&D game which went really well. It's always fun when you are playing lower levels because you have to think on your feet, role play, and sometimes use your skills instead of just hacking through everything. Our group can't hit a four ton ogre if he held still yeesh. So we find ourselves doing great with skills though lol. Highlight of the game was probably watching the cleric in full plate mail trying to clime across a 60 foot rope that's twenty feet above a large body of water filled with giant leeches. Yeah irony at work when the rogue is actually the one who fails her climb check first falls into the water and sets off the trap at the same time. LOL yeesh glad I'm a swashbuckler for this.

Sunday we were going to move his stuff but felt too lazy so instead David came over and we played world of warcraft all day. I did take some time to clean and rearrange the computer room so there would be room for his computer desk. Also made us some tasty vegetable pizza with a cream cheese sauce. Sooo tasty!!!

Monday I made us a yummy brunch before we headed out to finish moving David's stuff from his old dump apartment to the new condo of his brothers that he's renting a room at. The breakfast of champions consisted of cinnamon nutmeg french toast, corn beef hash, and peppered bacon. OISHI!!
The move was a pain and stressful but we finished all of it. Also moved his computer desk to my house since he spends more time there anyways. To finish off the evening though we went on a double date with our friends Charlotte and Steve. We went to this nice Italian place by the theater and then saw Spiderwick. Spiderwick was a fun movie but if you've read the books they pretty much changed everything so it is nothing like the books whatsoever. I highly recommend the books especially if you have kids!! They are fun and fast read with awesome pictures through out them. Charlotte and Steve seemed to have a lot of fun getting a night away from the kids, and we loved joking and chatting with them. I can't wait till we go again.

Over all a very busy but fun weekend.

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
2:32 pm
Life Update
Hey all,

sorry i haven't been writing much lately. Every week seems so busy.
Life has been doing really well for me though. I like where I work and have awesome co-workers, I'm dating a guy who treats me absolutely amazingly well. I've been raiding recently with my guild which has been a fun and new experience. Also soon will be able to start practicing the piano again. I did my monthly baking challenge for this month which you can check out here http://angelsbentoblog.blogspot.com/

I've also been having a lot of fun cooking when I get the chance. My new stainless steel pans and phenomenal knives plus bakeware have made it so that I can cook the way i always wanted to.
Also me and my beau have been considering joining a CSA farm here in the spring. It's a really cool thing I'd read on another blog and decided to research and see if they do them here. It is where the person pays in a share of a farm for the season, and then each week (seems to be usually 20 weeks is the season) the farm delivers a box with fresh picked fully ripened produce. Usually a mix of fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs. I found one that I really like that actually delivers somewhat close to us, and think it would be a great way to try new foods & new recipes as well as eat healthier.

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
9:20 am
Fun Weekend
So I haven't written for awhile. Before I talk about last weekend though I want to mention the weekend before. Saturday Nov 10 I took Clint as an early birthday present to see a comedy show in SLC. It's a cute little theater set up to have an old western saloon theme. They have two theaters one is the dinner theater where you have a big buffett and eat at these stadium set up bar tables.
The one we went to is the cabaret theater where you sit at little bistro tables and can order food and drinks while watching the show. The stage is small, but the entertainment was big. They are all parody musicals and all of them are comedies. The tickets were cheap and even if you dont order any food it comes with a basket of popcorn to eat during the show that is only 50cents to refill. Our show was "Spamlette" a spoof fusion of Spamelot and Hamlet. My favorite scene is when spamlette comes out and does the "to be or not to be" scene in a big bumblebee costume. Oh the puns were groaners and the music was done live. Totally a blast.

This weekend was also pretty fun. Friday while I was at work my friend Wendy called me and invited me to go to the Evanescence concert that night. Apparently her brother had won tickets to it, but do to certain circumstances couldn't go, so we gothed out and went. It was a total blast. Evanescence is my favorite band in the US beside Puzzle Box.

here is the link to Evanescence's site http://evanescence.com/
here is the link to Puzzle Box's site http://www.puzzlebox.net/

check them both out they are awesome.
Anyways back to the story. Me and Wendy went to Ihop after words and chatted and enjoyed some tasty food. Went home in a happy exhausted mess. Saturday I picked Clint up from the Airport since it was his birthday, and then me him and his roommates went to one of our favorite Korean restaurants here, and then Elwin treated us to see Beowulf. The story line was disappointing, but it is very definitely worth seeing. The graphics and the 3d were cool. By far the best version of 3d I've ever seen. Also had phenomenal soundtrack that I now need to hunt down.
We went back to Clint's where he wrestled with some spyware on his computer and then we watched some anime. Sunday I was planning to bake but felt pretty lethargic and decided to be a bumm.
I played world of warcraft for a long time, and then went out to Asian Buffett with a friend.
It was fun chatting with him, and we ended up talking over dinner for several hours. Then came home and did four or five instance runs.
All in all a fantastic weekend.

Current Mood: exhausted
Thursday, November 1st, 2007
1:23 pm
Happy Halloween
Ok well a day later but still.
This Halloween I went as a french maid. I was lazy and didn't grab the costume until the night before. Luckily it did fit me and I thought I looked pretty cute. I helped my friend who build this huge ogre onsemble get his stuff home. Me and two of my friends went out to eat at ihop. Had steak that was perfect and oh so tasty.
Then went back to there house watched anime and waited for trick or treaters.
Trick or treaters never came. Last year we got 15 which made me sad, but 0 thats just ridiculous.
I now have three bags of candy that my thighs are telling me would be bad idea to keep.
It was fun anyways.

Also in other good news I've found a new gaming group. They are totally awesome and I laugh my butt off whenever I hang out with them. We are doing a 3.5 D&D game taking place in a premade adventure. Starting at first lvl but I was told that the dm lvls us pretty fast. He also was really lenient and gave us 34 points to spend on our stats starting out, and some awesome abilities for free. I like the house rules that they have in their game like, half elves also get extra feat from their human side. I am being a half elf, sword dancer character. My first lvl will be in swashbuckler. Tomorrow I'm going over to there house for pumpkin pie, pizza, painting figs, and possibly watching funny movie. It's nice to have laid back people to hang out with, and man they have cute kids.

Current Mood: geeky
Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
9:07 am
Bento 1-The Present Bento
So I it was a beautiful stormy night last night and I came home in a good mood, and decided it was the perfect night to make my friends birthday bento. I took cute little wiener's and cut them to look like octopi, and made homemade wantons using the food processor I inherited from my mother.
The filling was sausage and vegetables with mozzarella cheese and herbs mixed in. The top was the dessert part and had fortune cookies, poky, and a homemade mini cookie pie.
Elwin seemed to genuinely love it and inhaled the food. He also discussed plans for what he wants to make in it for future lunches.
He gave me as a thank you some awesome homemade honey wheat bread which i'm eating for breakfast right now with cream cheese. Makes me want to get out the bread maker my mom gave me and do some myself. This weekend I do plan to be daring and make Chocolate bread pudding. I also think i might try my hand at deviled eggs which I've not tried before but oh love to eat.
If you want to see my bento blog just visit my website www.AngelavengerL.googlepages.com/home and its the top link under bentos. There are also other links to other web pages of mine.

Current Mood: pleased
Monday, October 15th, 2007
10:32 am
Another Weekend Update
This weekend made up for how incredibly horrible last weekend was. Last weekend was bad, I ended up taking off Monday to recoup. This weekend was pretty good.

Friday night I did my first raid. Granted it was only a ten man raid for upper black rock spire, but it was fun and new for me since I have never done a group instance over five before. I really enjoyed it and am now of the mind I might actually give raiding a chance. I am hoping we can find enough people willing to do Onyxia (for reminiscent reasons since its loot is crap now) since I have always wanted to see it, and have never been there before.
I also stayed up way too late reading manga's lol. The ninth volume came out on Ouran Host club which is a very funny manga.

Saturday I slept in which was sooo nice, and played some more wow, and read. I'm on the second book in the Dresden series my dad gave me for my birthday. Its a pretty good series about a wizard for hire in somewhat modern times (alternate type world). Its got interesting magic concepts and I like the main character Harry Copperfield Dresden.
In the afternoon me, Clint, El, and Sean all hit the Golden Corral for dinner. It was tasty as steak and mashed potato's always are. I was very happily surprised to find out from Clint that our D&D game was on this week, which originally had been canceled. We went and updated our sheets and then headed to the game. The game was awesome fun, and I really am liking the DM we have. He's laid back and funny and good at keeping everyone on track. Everyone sat around for awhile after words and just joked around. It was nice and I wish we could visit with them more often. They invited me to come see a haunted house, or something like that the weekend before Halloween. I think that would be a lot of fun although I warned them I get startled easily.
After that me and Clint stayed up late talking about of course D&D as well as some world of warcraft. We both have some fun idea's for some d&d characters we'd like to try and make, but don't have a game to do it for.

Sunday I slept in again and I've decided sleeping in is a small slice of heaven. I read some more and mostly just relaxed through the day, and Enjoyed the awesome gift I'd come home to the night before. A package from my friend Jim that was tons of fun to go through and all had a Court Jester theme (my favorite comedy) dealing with the scene about the Flagon with the Dragon has the pellet with the poison and the Chalice from the Palace has the brew that is true. It made my weekend and possibly my month and was a very thoughtful set of gifts.
In the evening I went and saw "The Seeker: The Darkness is Rising" which I thought was a so/so movie and would only give a B rating. My feel from it is that I think the books must be absolutely phenomenal and I can't wait to read them. Yet in movie form it was a bit slow at the beginning and felt a little disjointed scene wise.

Now back to work. How I already miss the weekend lol.

Current Mood: okay
Monday, October 1st, 2007
5:44 pm
Concert, Mac Store and More....
So this weekend was fun.
Friday night after work I got dressed up and went to a benefit piano concert being hosted at UVSC with Elwin. It was absolutely phenomenal. The Concert was called "Evening with John Schmidt" and this guy was not just an amazing musician the likes I have not seen in a very long time, but also an amazing performer that reminded me of the joy of watching Puzzle Box perform live. He was so funny. He had some pieces that were so breathtaking that my heart ached, some that were fun and got your heart pumping, and amongst it all he played to the audience making us laugh time and time again. When the two hours was over it felt like it had only been half an hour we were laughing so much. The whole audience was eating out of his hand so well that he actually played three extra songs and went over time (I'm sure the yells of encore had nothing to do with it). My favorites of his was one called "Renaissance Song", "Winter Wind", "North Pole Express", and "The Dumb Song". The dumb song was inspired by a tuna commercial that he saw, and he wore a hilarious long curly yellow haired wig through it for the end part where he plays the last notes by bashing his head into the piano. It was so hilarious.
Saturday Clint and I went to Salt Lake. It was slushing outside (where is autumn sob) so we took my car up to the Apple store so he could replace the stolen earphones to his Iphone. While waiting there I had much fun teasing the store clerk, chatting with Clint about various things and cracking many jokes about the similarity between my gay friends, and mac fans. One of which being they are both very trendy. We then went to the only Japanese market in Utah which is also in Salt Lake. I'm glad Clint was there because he got to see things he hadn't had since he was in Japan, and he could tell me what some of the various things were. I absolutely loved it, and came home with a new onigiri mold. We bought curry stuff for rice, and stuffed pork buns, wanton wraps, melonpan, and many boxes of poky, pucca, and other treats. They also had some tuna onigiri so we bought two to eat on the way home. They were delicious and I can't wait to start making my own. That night we finally had our D&D game at Vicky's. It was a blast. Everyone was laid back and cracking jokes. The game itself had no stagnant parts and we all got to have a moment of glory. We were battling an evil witch and undead which is always fun lol.
Sunday I played World of Warcraft and got my rogue to the outlands Hurray!!
It was my friends birthday so we all went out to Outback steak house (super delicious steak) and then watched some of our favorite anime "Worlds Strongest Disciple Kenichi" Sadly the next episode is going to be the last...cry.
Over all a very fun happy weekend.

Current Mood: geeky
Friday, September 28th, 2007
5:54 pm
I dont think i'm that much of a Gamer, but hey awesome house.
I especially dig the dice dispenser in the gaming room sweet!!

Your home is a

Philanthropic Gamer's Mansion

Your kitchen is stocked with chips, dips, and assorted caffeinated beverages. There's a pantry with emergency backup caffeinated beverages. You also have some breakfast cereals in there, but you haven't had breakfast since last Spring. Your master bedroom has blankets printed with images of Mario and Link. Your study includes unread copies of various gamer magazines, each purchased for the free demo CDs. One of your garages holds your collection of ferraris, and is measured in acreage.

Your home also includes a guest wing and private quarters for your servants. Your guests enjoy your collection of every console and associated game ever made. Except the Intellivision -- those controllers drive them NUTS. Outside is your hedge maze and gardens, meticulously tended by a team of world-class botanists.

Below is a snippet of the blueprints:

Find YOUR Dream House!

Current Mood: geeky
Thursday, September 27th, 2007
8:33 am
Rice with Butternut Squash
Ok so last night I came home with a plan. I was going to make this recipe for Rice butternut squash since a friend of mine had given me two squashes fresh from her garden. I actually ended up changing the recipe a whole lot so now its completely different dish, and in my opinion much better. My friends didn't seem to think it was as awesome as I did, but didn't hate it either. (yeesh guys and their aversion to vegitables)So here is the recipe for those that want to try it.
I wish I had my camera so I could show you all pictures of my delicious creation.

Serves/Makes: 6 | Difficulty Level: 3 | Ready In: 1-2 hrs

1 butternut squash
2 cups chicken broth
1 cup water
1/4 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
Cooking spray
1/4 cup grated Mozzarella
Fresh thyme sprigs(optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place squash on a baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until tender; cool. Peel squash; cut in half lengthwise. Discard seeds and membranes; cut into 1/2-inch cubes. Increase oven temperature to 400 degrees.

Bring broth, to a simmer in a medium saucepan (do not boil). Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion; saute 6 minutes. Add garlic; saute 2 minutes. Add rice; saute 1 minute. Stir in squash, broth mixture, chopped thyme, salt, and pepper; cook 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.((I used already cooked rice I had left over from the night before. So didn't use a lot of broth and added it last. I sauteed the onions, garlic and some stewing beef (i just eyed the amount of beef to what i thought looked good)in some butter with the herbs and spices added. Once meat was browned i add the rice a can of seasoned stewed tomatoes, and a little bit of chkn broth just to moisten the rice. I added the squash last although that was only because it took me awhile to peel it, and let everything simmer together in the broth.))

Place rice mixture in a 13 x 9-inch baking dish coated with cooking spray. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Stir mixture gently. Sprinkle with cheese; bake an additional 5 minutes or until cheese melts. Garnish with fresh thyme sprigs, if desired.(I actually added everything into the baking pan added the cheese and baked it together in the oven for ten minutes. The cheese turned out nice and crusty and everything was very savory. I garnished with some sprinkles of parsley for color)

The dish turned out delicious which I am so glad since I'm not used to cooking squash but here it is very good for you.

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, September 26th, 2007
10:57 am
Dream about vampires
Last night I had a strange dream. It was an interesting one that I woke up feeling like "that was kind of cool"

Most dreams of mine that are memorable seem to take place at my Grandmothers house.
Ever since she died and I had been living there taking care of her. I wonder if thats significant. I never used to dream about it until after that.

Anyways I'm at my grandmothers house except its actually a boarding school of some sort.
There are three different classes of students. Vampires in the sucky vampire teachers class. Vampires in the awesome vampires class, and humans in a human class upstairs.
The humans were upstairs in the front room that has the big window overlooking hte backyard. So it has alot of light. I was in the human class.
The good vampire teachers class was over in my grandmothers room which has big dark curtains that keep out the light, and the Bad vampire teachers class was downstairs in the basement.
Realize that by good and bad I don't mean morally but more like the bad one was a sucky teacher and the students complained a lot about his teaching methods.

Anyways I'm talking to my old best friend from Highschool Katie (who is a vampire in the dream)since she is in the bad vampires class. She's telling me all the complaints she has about him since she's an honor student and is frustrated that she doesn't have a good teacher. I walk down with her into the class and sit down at an empty desk with the intention of seeing how bad he is and probably causing some disruption and havoc lol. He starts teaching and he really is kind of a jerk and an idiot. I keep asking him questions that he can't answer on purpose which is frustrating him. Finally he says he's going to show the class a new ability. He walks over to the window (note this is at night) and he pushes his molecules through the window. It looked really gross and is hard to describe but basically a way for them as vampires to move through the glass. I am completely shocked by this and feel kind of upset that Katie gets to learn something so cool and I don't. We walk over to a window and are discussing this new thing he showed the class, when I step outside the window seal and am suddenly up high like on a third story. Katie is calling me back from the window telling me I shouldn't try it I'll get hurt because I'm not a vampire. I keep going though running along it trying to do something (don't know what, but wasn't the glass thing. Maybe flying or something.) The good vampire teacher comes because he hears her yelling and is just quietly watching me with this thoughtful look on his face like I (the little human) had surprised him and done something interesting and he was going to watch and see if i succeeded at it. Then I woke up.

Crazy dream aye, but kind of cool, and much better then the violent nightmares I had been having.

Current Mood: okay
Tuesday, September 25th, 2007
6:55 pm
First Attempt
Ok tonight was my first attempt at making rice balls.
I made turkey (sandwich meat) stuffed rice balls with lemon pepper seasoning on top.
The result was super tasty but even with rolling it in the bamboo mat they fell apart quite a bit.
I think i need to let the rice cool a little more before i roll it.
All served with a side of Edamame.
Over all i consider it a success.
I would have taken a picture of them except i can't find where shae put my camera.

Current Mood: creative
Friday, September 21st, 2007
2:22 pm
Bento's and Baking
Ok so lately I've been looking at the idea of making Bento's.
For those of you who don't know what that is; it is a Japanese box lunch.
I always see them in anime. Always in the anime the cute girl is making a Bento lunch for the guy she likes, and of course the girl with he tastiest bento always gets the guy lol.
Often they are made very cute (with shaped eggs or rice rolls, vegi's cut into stars or hearts etc.) by mothers for their children to take to school as a school lunch.
Well as I decided to look around online I found there are a lot of people who keep bento blogs and show the ones they make for themselves and for their children each day. The more I saw; the more I wanted a bento box so I could try it out myself. So after two days of eating up everything I could find online about the art of making a bento box as well as things like making onigiri and Japanese egg omelets, I've decided to bite the bullet and today after work am heading to a close by Asian market to pick up two bento boxes.
Two because one is of course for myself, and the other will be made into a bento box lunch gift for a friend of mines birthday next weekend. He's an avid anime fan as well and I think he will get a kick out of it. (heck its home cooked food and he's a guy its sure to be a hit)
So wish me luck.
As an addendum to this I realized I haven't baked in a very very long time, and my good friend kitten is sending me her cream puff recipe. This also will be a new culinary achievement if I can pull it off since I have never made homemade cream puffs before.

Angel over and Out.
Monday, June 25th, 2007
11:03 am
I haven't written in awhile. That is because i thought everything was going really well, and most of my time was happily busy. Friday clint came home and it was awsesome. Saturday was just as wonderful. Yesterday he broke up with me. I can't say it came as a complete surprise, but it was still the hardest thing i've ever gone through. What do you do when you lose the most important person in your world? I feel like i'm walking in a cloud. I cry so much. I feel so weak. On top of that i don't have a job. So it fascilitates the necesitiy to keep trucking. I don't know what else to say. A year and 7 months we were together. For some that is nothing, and others that is a very long time. For me it was long enough to know everything about him, and to share all aspects of my life with him. Long enough to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Now i guess that isn't going to happen.
Friday, March 30th, 2007
11:58 am
Valentines Day/ St. Patricks Day
I haven't posted in forever. Things have been somewhat hard and very busy.
I did want to post about my valentines day though so i would have it for future memories.
It was one of the best valentines days ever.
I thought i was going to be alone. Clint was working on the east coast on a pretty difficult job.
He hadn't showed any interest or hint at planning anything for valentines even on the weekend when he comes home. I went home very depressed as I had seen my friends recieve gifts from their sweethearts and husbands. I hadn't heard from my beloved all day long. I went home put on my red velvet dress that seemed very valentines to me, and cried like crazy. While crying I got a knock on my door. I went to answer it (still crying and very red and puffy faced), and there at the door was Clint wearing a back pack carrying a small bouquet of white carnations and freezing to the bone. He walked over a mile in the snow at night in a t-shirt and shorts from his house to mine so he could surprise me for valentines day. He was locked out of his house so couldn't get to his car, and didn't want to call me for a ride and ruin the surprise. That is such a sweet and romantic sacrifice he did just to surprise me. Man was I surprised I had no clue he would be home wednesday for valentines when he was supposed to be home friday or saturday. I warmed him up and we snuggled and kissed for awhile. Then he took me out to dinner at the Asian Buffett so i could have some Sushi and we went and saw "A night at the museum" which he'd looked up movie times before he left for his flight. The food was great, the movie was funny and best of all i spent the most fantastic night with the most fantastic man who I love more then anything.
St. Patricks day was lots of fun too. We were invited to go to his sister's house for a party. We rode his motorcycle there and put the drinks (lots of glass bottled rootbeer and cream soda's) in a backpack i carried. I was stalwart and didn't let the weight stop me. I love riding on his motorcycle it is so much fun. Everyone wore green but for some reason both me and clint totally spaced it and wore matching black (total coindidence I tell you.) We ate pizza, salad, and drank lots of root beer (since we don't drink real beer). We played with the little girls and went to the dollar theater and saw happy feet. I liked it alot and thought it was cute although the ending was weird, and the others didn't really care for it. My best friend Brent was there who I have missed and had a lot of fun chatting with him. The aftermath of the table was hilarious. Laura sent me a picture and it looked like the morning after a huge kegger party (reminder there was no real alcohol at this party) which was really ironic. It is so cute watching Clint with his little neices. For a guy who says he's no good with children he's got two little girls who absolutely adore him. He's totally wrapped around their little fingers too. My favorite is when nicole came up to snuggle with us while we were snuggling on the couch and she's sitting on Clint's lap and looks up at him with big blue eyes and says "unkle cint is snuggly" oh cutest thing in the world. I swear it was like the grinch i could see his heart melting or possibly growing one size bigger lol. Now everyone pray for me and my family seem like everyone is going through one crisis or another right now. They always say the worst happens always right before the best. I hope that is true.

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Monday, January 22nd, 2007
2:55 pm
I love my sweet heart
This weekend wasn't the best. Friday I took off sick and rested, mostly so I could be awake to pick my sweetheart up from the airport. I get a call in the morning from him saying that his work wants to fly him straight to Florida and not give him the weekend off since the hotel was stupid and didn't hold rooms for the workers and sold all their rooms out for Thursday and Friday. He convinced his work to fly him home Friday anyways and send him off Saturday. It wasn't the best but better then nothing. It let him go to game Friday, play the new expansion which I was such a sweet girlfriend and drove down to Provo to pick up the game for him. I Picked him up from the airport and then spent an hour there because it took forever to get his luggage. Thanks to the Sundance film festival making it super packed and a madhouse. We went home and everyone was watching cheap kung fu knock off movies. They were hilarious. Against my vote we had game even though it was super late. After words Clint made a blood elf character with me and snuggled, and got us some food since i almost passed out during the game do to hunger. I stayed in their guest room and then spent Saturday morning with him. We played some WOW and then I chatted with him while he finished his laundry and packed. We hit Panda Express on the way to the airport, (he treated me the sweetheart) and chatted then went back to the airport to send him off to Florida. The bumm is enjoying good weather now. I miss him already and can't wait until he comes home.
It was sweet though for him to try and make time for me this weekend inspite of work ruining our plans. I love him.
Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
10:05 am
Happy Martin Luther King Day!
I had a great holiday yesterday. Do to the fact that my work being a new business doesn't give paid holidays me and others decided to go into work. Do to it being incredibly slow and quiet for the holiday we all decided to go home early. I got some work in a little pay, and a fantastic evening with my sweetheart. I went home around three and took a shower to refresh myself and dolled myself up so I could look cute for my sweety. Especially since he'd mentioned he might take me out for dinner. I went over to his place and was promptly covered with smooches. Always a welcoming feeling. He let me vent about some of the stupid people I have to deal with at work and work frustrations. We talked and snuggled, and I showed him some cool fantasy picts i'd found. He then took me to Yamato's my favorite japanese restaurant. We were served by my favorite waitress there named Toshiko. Toshiko is a little high strung but very avid to please and very Japanese. She gave us ice cream on the house which was super tasty. I especially like their apricot flavored. Much of dinner was spent in laughter because well Clint is hilarious and I make a good audience. He also got a haircut while I was at work, and looked super duper cute. We got out of dinner so late that we missed the movie, but undaunted decided to go back to his place and play some wow. I got to play my fire mage which means lots of explosions whahahahaha. Not that i'm a pyro or anything. We also listened to stand up comedians while playing which was fun. While he finished up packing and calling his ride and got warm and talked with him. He was really sweet and when his two room mates who apparently pre-ordered the big WoW expansion were planning to pick it up at midnight when it came out walked by. He handed Sean a hundred dollar bill and told him to see if they had any extras and if they did to buy me one. Sean said "if they are out of the original do you want me to get the special addition its more expensive?" and Clint said yes. It was such a surprise and so sweet. It meant more because it wasn't something I had asked him to do, and he just did it because he loves me. So it's possible I might have it before he does, since his is already ordered but he flew out to Oregon for work and wasn't able to pick it up. I told him if I got it I wouldn't play a new character yet, but just play with their hairstyles and trying on outfits. lol it's like having three dimensional paperdolls it can be so much fun.
I love my sweetheart. He can be so good to me.

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